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Superior Flexibility and Performance for Professional Development Management

Wisdomwhere™ is Solutionwhere's highly flexible Professional Development (PD) Program Management System that stands alone or fully integrates with Coursewhere, our PD Catalog Management System.

Wisdomwhere™ helps you easily create and manage PD programs based on content or job description (literacy, provisional status, support staff, math, elementary, etc). Further, those programs and component activities can be as structured or as free-form as an organization, department, or an individual educator requires.

Because your PD programs are based on activities and delivery strategies as defined by your organization, they're guaranteed to meet your administrative needs and your learning staffs' specific goals no matter what the individual or group may require.

A strong approval-request system can be implemented for specific parts of a PD program as needed. For instance, staff  that want to attend an outside event like a conference, or take a college course, or read a professional book would provide information regarding that activity in a custom form that is specific to the activity type. The form can then be routed for approval to one or more people based on type of event, cost, job description, etc.

Ongoing oversight of core-based professional development is a key element of the staff assessment / training / feedback cycle. Wisdomwhere™ also monitors organization-defined milestones and sends alerts to supervisors and staff about overall program activity.

Wisdomwhere™ provides the flexibility and sustainability an LEA or service agency needs in an affordable, easy-to-implement solution. Please call us for a live demonstration.